Two arrested for passing fake $50 bills in South Hill

Published 10:16 am Saturday, April 24, 2010

SOUTH HILL — Two local men accused of buying dog food and a windshield wiper blade with fake $50 bills are free on $5,000 bond.

When caught by police, suspect Lloyd Edward Hairston, 52, of Sedley attempted to hide three of the bills in his mouth and choked, said South Hill Police Chief Norman Hudson.

“He balled up $150 and was trying to keep us from finding it, Hudson said.

Hairston and Franti Dquon Urquhart, 18, of Franklin, were arrested on April 16 after the manager for the Food Lion in South Hill reported them buying a bag of dog food with a fake $50 bill, Hudson said. The manager got the license plate for the suspects’ vehicle as they left the store.

Police were notified and stopped the suspects’ vehicle.

While questioning the men, Hairston kept jumping up and down, Hudson said. Police had to forcibly sit him down, which is when he apparently choked and spit out three $50 bills from his mouth.

Police said they also found two more fake $50 bills on Urquhart and a template in his pocket used for making the money.

It’s also believed the pair used a fake $50 to buy a windshield wiper at the AutoZone in South Hill. The fake bill was not discovered until it was deposited into the bank, Hudson said.

The day after the arrest, Shoe Show in South Hill contacted police. Fake bills valued at $750 were found in a sneaker at the shoe store, Hudson said.

It’s believed Urquhart hid the money in the shoe when the store manager followed Hairston.

“He wouldn’t tell us why,” Hudson said.

U.S. Secret Service has gotten involved with the investigation. It’s not known if Hairston and Urquhart are connected to fake money recently passed in Suffolk, Hudson said.

The pair will have a preliminary hearing Monday, June 7, in General District Court in Boydton.