Marching band could keep kids out of gangs

Published 10:25 am Saturday, April 24, 2010

To the Editor:

Way back in March 2009, Police Chief Phil Hardison made a presentation to the Franklin City Council and the citizens of Franklin.

His topics were our city’s rising crime, gang growth along with the violence that follows gang growth, and our additional need for resources to stem this rising tide.

The chief said his primary goal with the presentation was to help citizens protect themselves, and to mobilize all segments of the city in a cooperative fight against crime.

He asked for 10 additional police officers to fight drug crimes. No one denied the truthfulness of his statements. No one disputed his facts. No one doubted our need. No one did anything.

Since that time our gang problem has gotten worse. We have experienced a wave of home invasions, and gunshots still ring out at night.

I’m calling for us to come together as a united community, in order that we can use the brains and energy that almighty God gave us to do His will, and the good work of figuring out how to turn this situation around.

I believe that a community marching band can play a role in keeping kids out of gangs, and ultimately contribute to a reduction in our local crime. If we can get at least 150 and fifty kids off the streets, we will see an immediate impact on our situation.

We can do this. Anyone interested in marching, or participating in a band auxiliary, for example, flag team, step team, majorettes, etc., should sign up at the Martin Luther King Center, Oak Street.

If we can determine that at least 30 kids are willing to march, we can move forward with them as a core group. So, anybody willing to support a community band should let the following individuals knows:

Ray Morings 569-9526, Dollie Wright 569-8910, Pecola Councill 562-4291 or Thomas H. Councill Jr. 569-1536.

Also anyone willing to donate an instrument should contact Gloria Reese Britt.

Thomas Councill Jr.