1,371 items returned to libraries

Published 7:53 am Friday, April 23, 2010

A total of 1,371 books, DVDs, tapes and magazines on loan were returned during Fine Free Week at Blackwater Regional Library’s nine branches.

“The oldest item returned was checked out in 2003,” said Connie Henderson, manager for the Carrollton branch.

Fine Free Week was held from April 11 to 17. Any overdue item could be turned in without the borrower being subject to fines.

Fines are 10 cents per day for overdue books and materials in the adult and young adult collections and 5 cents per day for books and materials in juvenile collections. The maximum fine shall not exceed $5 per item.

At Windsor Library, 118 overdue items were turned in and $34.45 in fines were waived, said branch manager Bonnie Lauver.

“It doesn’t sound like a lot, but we are always happy to have overdue and lost items returned,” Lauver said. “We saw a lot of smiles because patrons are always excited to show up at the library and learn that it is Fine Free Week.”

At Walter Cecil Rawls Library in Courtland, 151 items were returned, said branch manager Iola Lamison. Most were books and many items were returned through the drop-off.

“I think we did pretty good because it’s always good to get the items back,” Lamison said. “Some have been out for awhile.”

By bringing back overdue items, it allows patrons to be in good standing with the library.

It also helps the library maintain its inventory, she said.

Lamison shared a story about a regular patron who has always returned items on time but wasn’t able to because her parents had been hospitalized.

“She didn’t have to pay,” Lamison said. “She was so appreciative.”

Twenty-three items borrowed from the bookmobile were returned.

Returns at other branches included Carrollton 126, Claremont 29, Franklin 196, Smithfield 359, Surry 321, Wakefield 32 and Waverly 16.