Published 8:31 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

They are endless. Makes my heart skip a beat imagining what may be.

I’m going to write a book. A novel. It will capture all the emotions of humanity. Love, despair, intrigue, suspense. Men and women will get rich and fall in love and commit crimes. It will have deception and adventure and suffering and be a bestseller. The movie rights will be sold for an outrageous sum and I’ll become famous.

I’m going to invent a machine that no one has even considered (I’ll tell you, but you must keep it to yourself). This machine will have the capacity to control gravity while on earth. Think of it! No one has ever done it, but I have a concept that has yet to be discovered. Well, close, anyway. If I can do this, it will alter the course of history and school children will one day read of it in text books.

I’m going to start a new business. Sure it will take some risk and work, but think of the rewards. I’ve already got in my mind the business model and décor of the building and how to advertise and who to hire. First I’ll go down to the bank and give them my plan and the rest will be history.

And while at it, I’ll find the secret to a perpetual motion machine. An apparatus that, once started, will continue to run on its own power. Forever! It will be the source of unlimited energy while requiring absolutely no fuel. None! I know it can be done if I give it just a little more thought.

I also think I’ll do a work of art. Something that has yet to be done. Something four dimensional (that’s right — four) that incorporates all colors and all forms, and for the first time uses every available creative avenue that is known and can be known to the human mind. Large crowds will stand for hours in museums fascinated by this masterpiece, wondering how they are so mesmerized by something made with human hands.

And here’s one that I hesitate to share, but since you and I go so far back, here it is. A substance that actually reverses the aging process. I’m not kidding. In fact, you could reverse yourself to a particular age and then take just the right dosage to keep you there. Tell me — doesn’t it make sense that if the body will go one way it will go the other? So, what would you like to be? 16? 21? 30? I’ve got a formula in mind, and with just a little tweaking I believe it will work.

Goodness, gracious I can’t wait to get going. It’s overwhelming and exciting and exhilarating. There’s so much to do! The whole world waits!

And as soon as I finish watching this television show, I’m going to get started.