Spring fling

Published 11:44 am Saturday, April 17, 2010

DREWRYVILLE—Katie Cobb’s front yard was bustling Friday—kindergarteners, senior citizens from East Pavilion and farm animals all converged there.

“It’s probably crazy that we do this, but everybody usually has a really good time,” said Cobb, who works at East Pavilion.

Twelve residents from the Franklin assisted living center and 30 kindergarten students from Capron Elementary participated in a picnic, saw animals and heard a band.

“The kids and the seniors interact so well together,” Cobb said. “Even if the seniors can’t do anything with them or are completely disabled in some sort of way, they still just sit there and smile and enjoy the fresh air and the activity and the noise and the commotion.”

Cobb said the event started in 2001.

“Originally, it started as more of an Easter activity. The seniors hid the eggs, we had a bunny dressed up, but Easter is always so cool,” she said. So the event was changed to a spring theme.

The Fun Bunch Band, a volunteer band that plays at East Pavilion, provided entertainment and the seniors had Porky’s BBQ in Capron.

The kindergarteners couldn’t wait for the field trip, said teacher’s aid Rosa Johnson.

“They talked about it all week,” Johnson said. “It’s an experience for them because a lot these children don’t get to go anywhere…this is really something fantastic.”

She said the trip was one student’s first time on a school bus.

“This was a real experience for her,” Johnson said. “She’s a talker and she was quiet the whole way here.”

The students weren’t the only ones that looked forward to the trip. Melissa Decker, who works with Cobb at East Pavilion, said they try to take the seniors on a bus trip once a week.

“They look forward to going on these bus trips,” Decker said. “Being in the country and around kids and animals and music, they love that. We appreciate Katie having this out here every year. She does a lot to prepare for us to come.”

Lilly Belle Faison of East Pavilion said she was enjoying the day—but she only had one worry.

“I just hope I don’t get sunburned,” she said.

While the students were having fun, Cobb said they also learned about animals.

“It’s just an educational, intergenerational event,” she said.