Rebellious Pen

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The heck with form and style

And obeying laws instituted long ago.

I’ll write as I please!

No commas or odd shaped giants

To start supposedly new thought blocks

I shall rebel against such constraints

My pen craves freedom

It goes where it pleases

A renegade amongst do-gooders

Why even this stupid computer will not

Let me start a line without a capital

A conspiracy I tell you (see, it just capitalized my “a”)

Come with me if you dare

It will be the start of a cascade of defiance

From no capitals we’ll dash to no commas

Throwing all semi-colons down the well

Those puny hyphens we’ll hang from a tree

Stab the indention in the throat and watch him bleed

While we scream and celebrate our freedom

And who made the blueprints

For that confounded question mark?

This very minute I’ll straighten out that obnoxious curl

With these pliers

And while at it show those parentheses a thing or two

Just watch me!

I’ll take no more orders

My own man, I am!

I’m telling you, it feels good

It’s high time someone took charge

And cast such weights aside

Ah, the taste of freedom!

Come, take my hand and let’s run for the hills