McClenny deserves an explanation

Published 8:43 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To the Editor:

This letter was addressed to Mayor Jim Councill, Vice Mayor Raystine Johnson, City Council members, City Manager June Fleming and City Attorney Taylor Williams at Monday night’s council meeting.

Thanks for the opportunity to ask for a simple explanation to questions regarding the system of justice used in the Sgt. Ronnie McClenny case.

Since you have convicted him, sentenced him and denied him his rightful property on an accusation or charge that you will not reveal to him, because you say it is confidential, how could he possibly defend himself? What happened to, “You are innocent until proven guilty”? Is this because he happens to be of Scottish descent or some other ridiculous and unjust copout for your actions?

Isn’t it possible that this might show a great similarity to the Nazi Germany system of justice of the 1930-40s era? The Germans convicted, sentenced and took property from their citizens with only the excuse that they were Jews. They were never given an opportunity to defend themselves from any accusation of wrongdoing either. Surely this can’t be happening here.

I believe this deserves an answer published so that all citizens of Franklin can understand the justice system in use in our city. A large majority of citizens of this community think this is an unjustifiable treatment of a public servant who gave 25 years of his life to the City of Franklin with an exemplary record.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Robert T. Edwards