Faces of love: Ecstasy

Published 7:53 am Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It was as if no one else in the world existed. There were all the inhabitants on planet earth, painted a drab brown, muddled together, conversing in similar language, dressed in plainness while plodding about in mundane activities.

Then there was her.

Like the sun that overwhelmed the sky, extinguishing all rivals with brilliance, so it was with her very existence. Just uttering the word “her” made those three letters sacred.


He rolled it around on his tongue, like a child with candy, prolonging the flavor.

And here she was, coming across the crowded room, stepping behind the man with the blue suit and beside the woman with the white hat. She dropped her scarf. Bending both knees, one under the other, she stooped to pick it up. Her hair fell gently past her shoulders and hid her face as a delicate arm reached down to clasp the turquoise material. He noticed the fingers, their movement orchestrated by the gods as they curled around the scarf that now lay limp in her hand. Back erect, the figure turned and continued the journey.

Of all the places in the room, all the various destinations, she moved in his direction. At the exclusion of every other breathing creature in the room she moved towards him.


He sat, observing, savoring the scene before him. Her golden locks brushed softly against her cheeks, bouncing gently as her swinging gait narrowed the distance between them.

Then, like some cosmic force, their eyes met.

Her gaze fixated on him. Him! The distance seemed to magnify its effect. All else dissipated. The room quieted; movement ceased. He comprehended only her, moving towards him, magically floating across the floor.

He stood.

“Hi,” she said, smiling.

That was it.

Her scent wafted up to fill his senses and enveloped his being, transporting him outside himself. He lost awareness of his existence, of his occupying a place in time. Life itself no longer mattered. There were no more duties or jobs or deadlines. No challenges or problems or boundaries. He was uncoupled from all this earth required and demanded, it all being overpowered by the presence of this magnificent being, this glorious creature, a mere foot from him, speaking, existing, looking into his eyes alone.

Her gaze penetrated down, down, down to his core, his place of being, melting something, but he knew not what.

Like some cosmic volcano erupting inside, so he felt supremely alive, weightless, enchanted.

“Hi,” he said.