Good pick by Chamber

Published 8:23 am Friday, March 26, 2010

Alphabet Soup — Gerry Patnesky’s festive gift shop in downtown Franklin — is a terrific choice for the Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business of the Year award.

Patnesky’s shop was honored Tuesday night at the Chamber’s annual meeting.

Patnesky is a model retailer — an inspiration to many who strive to prosper in a difficult economy and in an era when the deck is often stacked against downtown merchants.

Alphabet Soup’s success is not accidental. Patnesky is, foremost, an optimist who refuses to let external forces get her down. She is a tireless advocate for downtown Franklin, a creative, savvy merchandiser and an aggressive marketer who understands that you have to spend money to take money.

She and her staff put a premium on customer service. Every customer is greeted warmly and attended to throughout the shopping experience. She operates with integrity and stands behind the quality of her merchandise.

Customers are likely to shop there again because of the positive experience.

It’s a recipe for success — and worthy of the Chamber of Commerce’s top award.