Ten lose their hair for a good cause at fundraiser

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FRANKLIN—Ahhh, spring! Cropping up everywhere in Franklin are daffodils, tulips, hyacinths — and bald heads.

The season was ushered in at Fred’s Saturday night with the wearin’ ­— and the givin’ — of the green at the second annual St. Baldrick’s event.

Once again, the folks of Franklin and beyond proved they are generous, caring and fun-loving on a night that was funded completely by donations. The evening was dedicated again this year in memory of Casy Rich, son of Mary and Stan Rich and brother of Morgan.

According to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a child is diagnosed with cancer every 3½ minutes, and one in five will not survive. The folks who participated by giving more than $4,200 to see friends and family shave heads, beards and moustaches should be very proud to support childhood cancer research grants through St. Baldrick’s.

Of course, the newly bald were crucial to this event and deserve huge thanks for bravery and for putting up with much heckling and laughter at their expense. They are Taylor Williams, Rod Manuel, Dwight Edwards, Bryan Fenters, David Rabil, Judy Wilson, Bobby Holland and Ryan McClung, all of Franklin; Jeff Harper of Sedley; and Sidney Wilson of Emporia.

Very special thanks go to disc jockey Frank Liekefet and to Naomi Koontz, Cindy Roberts and Gail Kriseler of Aesthetics by Naomi, all of whom stepped up at the last minute to make this night happen. Good music and crazy haircuts added to the fun.

The evening started with a free buffet for all. There was dancing to the DJ’s music inside, while Mo Canada and Common Ground provided live music on the patio for green-hatted, green-wigged and green-beaded attendees.

After the shavings, a $1,000 diamond ring, donated by Warren Myers of Liberty Coin, was raffled and won by a very happy Summer Lee of Franklin.

Scott Seddon was emcee and did his usual great job of running the head-shaving event and keeping the laughter and the money flowing. Special thanks to Fred’s and David Rabil for hosting.

David is also shaved and bald and is now our local look-alike for Sean Connery. Who knew?

More thanks go out to Vic Story, Story’s Signs; Stan and Mary Rich, Southampton Antiques; Beverly Myers, City Paint & Supply; Wan Chese of Franklin; Ricky and Karra Harrell, Lucia Trucking of Chesapeake; Barbara Tatun of Sedley; and Barbara Stacy of North Carolina; all of whom provided help, donations, décor and food.

“Thanks” never seems like a big enough word for so much work and generosity, especially at a time when our community is again struggling through difficult times. To all who helped to make this night a success, please know that you also warmed our hearts, brought smiles to our faces, and bolstered our convictions.

Once again, Franklin and its friends and residents have shown that you can’t keep a good town down.

Spring ahead, everyone!