Planting your own lettuce garden

Published 8:13 am Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recently after weeks of pretty chilly weather, we had a few days of marvelous sunshine, sans the wind. My thoughts immediately turned to lettuce, and I am not kidding. I have a small area next to my kitchen that is perfect for a small garden.

Last spring I planted Romaine, Butter Crunch and Leaf, which provided me with delicious salads almost daily. What a treat!

Some of you might not have the space or desire to acquire a garden, yet you would love to have the ability to obtain the fresh, tasty lettuce. Here is how to do that.

Obtain pots that are clay or plastic with good drainage, large is okay as you won’t be transplanting. Use good soil that has fertilizer included. Seed is needed and there are many to choose from including spinage as well as lettuce. Of course, you could find some small plants if you wish, however, watching for the arrival of the emerging plants is such an exciting treat. Let me say now that I also plant seeds along with my purchased plants and this works as a rotation system to provide a longer period of plant availability.

Now that you have collected all that is needed for your indoor garden, start by filling the pots with soil to about a quarter inch from the top. Look at the directions on seed package and water well after placing the seed into the soil.

Now place your pot or pots in a sunny location or under a sun lamp to provide the warmth that seeds need to be happy and grow. Until they get active, check on them frequently every day and be sure to keep them moist.

Soon you will have lovely little plants. As they grow larger, you can snip the leaves, wash with clean water and enjoy.