Get Ahead with PDCCC: Scholarships available

Published 7:42 am Friday, March 12, 2010

Through the generosity of various local individuals and organizations, a number of scholarships and grants are available at PDCCC to help students “Get Ahead”. These scholarships provide access to college for many students who do not qualify for financial aid on paper, but have limited resources to pursue their education.


Since Fall Semester begins in August (and Spring Semester is under way), following are a few examples of Fall Semester scholarship options for those who plan ahead.

Bertella C. Westbrook Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students

This $750 scholarship (given in fall and spring semesters) was established in memory of Bertella C. Westbrook, RN, who was a staunch advocate of education and the nursing profession. Criteria for selection include a letter of acceptance into the RN Program at PDCCC, residency in the College’s service area (Franklin, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Suffolk), three letters of recommendation (referencing character, potential for leadership in school activities, community work, financial need), and a short essay on choosing the nursing profession.

Camp to Camp Scholarships (exclusively for graduating high school students)

Funded the Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation, the Camp-Younts Foundation, and the Camp Foundation, these $5,000 scholarships ($2,500 first year; $2,500 second year, contingent upon attainment of a 2.50 GPA or higher for the first year) require residency in Franklin, Southampton, or Isle of Wight, enrollment in a degree or certificate program at PDCCC, and three letters of reference.

Career Preparation Grants

These $500 grants are designated for residents of Franklin, Southampton and Isle of Wight. Applicants must be new or returning students with interest in career/job preparation, who are enrolled in at least 6 semester hours of an Associate or Applied Science degree or certificate program at PDCCC for the Fall Semester. Three letters of recommendation are also required.

Dean Nancy Sandberg Scholarship

To be eligible for this $500 scholarship, applicants must be 25 years or older and enrolled in a certificate or degree program at the College. Also required are two letters of reference and a 300 to 500-word essay explaining why attending PDCCC is a second chance at education and why financial aid is needed.

Kyle Jones Memorial Scholarship

This $500 scholarship is given in memory of Kyle Jones, a past member of True Word Christian Church. Selection criteria include resident of the City of Franklin of the counties of Southampton and Isle of Wight; a 300-word essay about the importance of Faith in God in their lives; and involvement in a local church.

Perry W. Barnett Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This memorial scholarship honors Perry W. Barnett, welding instructor at PDCCC from 2004-2007. Recipients of the $500 award include high school students taking dual-credit welding courses at PDCCC and other students enrolled in the College’s Welding program who are worthy and needy applicants.

The Jim Lassiter PDCCC Faculty Association Scholarship

Renewable for Spring Semester, this scholarship covers 6 hours of tuition, which currently equates to $606.00. Criteria for selection: 3.250 cumulative GPA or higher (and maintaining a 3.250 cumulative GPA to continue the scholarship an additional semester) and a 400- to 500-word essay explaining changes in education the applicant foresees in the next ten to twenty years.

Wal-Mart Community Involvement Scholarship

This $250 scholarship requires enrollment in a degree or certificate program at PDCCC’s Franklin Campus, a 2.50 GPA or higher, and an essay on the importance of community involvement.

With the exception of the Camp to Camp Scholarships (found on the PDCCC website under Local Scholarships/High School Students), the application deadline for the above-captioned scholarships (to be posted on the website by April 9) is June 25–with notification by July 23. The deadline for the Camp to Camp is April 16—with notification by May 7.

For information on other scholarships, call 569-6700, or visit our website at For details on how to establish a scholarship, call 569-6791.