Shaky’s Butcher and Seafood

Published 8:44 am Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Name of person featured: Kenneth Barnes

Name of Business: Shaky’s Butcher and Seafood

Street address: 28252 Southampton Parkway, Courtland

Phone number: (757) 653-0220

Operating hours: Tuesday-Saturday 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Nature of business: Fresh handcut meats and seafood

Year founded: 2003

Prior locations: Same strip mall as now, but down at the end

Number of employees: 2

How’s business? The economy has slowed us down but we’re able to stay in business. Our regular customers keep our doors open.

One thing you wish everyone knew about your business: We cut our meats any way our customers want it. We offer one-on-one customer service. Our goal is to make sure your tastebuds are satisfied.

Something you offer that a customer won’t find elsewhere: We sell an assortment of exotic seafoods like alligator, crawfish frog legs and andouille sausage. We also carry halibut steaks, deviled crabs, soft shell crabs, oysters and more.

Advice to young entrepreneurs: Trust in the Lord. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be here today. Trust in yourself and stick to your goals.

Your first job: Meat cutter at Mitchell’s Supermarket in Courtland.

Your role model (in business or in life generally): My mom and dad. They taught me to treat everyone as I want to be treated. Woodrow Ferguson taught me how to be the best I could be at what I do.

The key to a successful business is: Treat your customers like they’re special and that you appreciate them. Customer service is so important. So is having the perfect partner (my wife, Debbie) to help you and stand by you every day.