Ole man river

Published 8:01 am Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ole’ Man River,

Not unlike me,

Same ole’ path

For eternity.

Ole’ Man River,

Callin’ my name,

Beckon me step

Off this fast movin’ train.

“Man I hear ya’,

Tuggin’ at my soul,

Feels like I’m tryin’ to fill

A bottomless hole.

But you don’t know-

It’s waitin’ at the door!

All I gotta’ do is

Dig a little bit more.

Look around, will ya?

My friends do fine,

Drivin’ black cars

And sippin’ red wine.

I got a list

As long as the day;

Ain’t getting’ younger,

So outta’ my way!”

Movin’ in silence

He mocks my reply

(As a pine cone comes

Back-strokin’ by).

Thumbing his nose

At my rants and raves,

He tickles my feet

With leprechaun waves.

Find my heart melting,

Knees shakin’ bad,

Something down deep tells me

I’ve been had.

So many voices,

Chomping at the bit,

Now I can see

They were all counterfeit.

Hold on, River!

Don’t leave without me!

Jumpin’ on his back,

I ride to the sea.