Thanks for years of service

Published 9:50 am Saturday, February 27, 2010

At the end of next month, Deputy Chief Bruce Edwards will retire from the Franklin City Police.

Edwards has served 32 years with the force, coming aboard in 1978 as a beat patrolman and working his way up to deputy chief, a post he has held for five and a half years.

A modest man who doesn’t like talking about his accomplishments, Edwards gave his best years to this city and helped make it a better — and safer — place to live and work.

He shared his thoughts on life, his long career in police work and advice for others seeking a similar career in this week’s issue of our annual Progress edition.

“I really don’t like to talk about myself, to boast and to tell the things that I’ve done,” Edwards told our reporter. “I just look at it as, I’ve done my job and I’ve done it well. I think the city has benefited, and I’ve benefited from it. I’ve learned a lot in 32 years, and I hope that I’ve (instilled) some of that knowledge to the individuals here.”

The people of Franklin should be thankful that Edwards chose to spend his entire career here.

We wish him well on his retirement and the new chapter in his life.