Construction, electrical companies join forces

Published 8:22 am Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FRANKLIN—After working together on building projects for more than 10 years, Jim Hart and Kevin Whitehead have merged resources and formed one building and electrical contractor company.

Whitehead, formerly of Whitehead Electric, joined forces with Hart Construction of Franklin in December. Hart Construction has been in business in Franklin since 1990.

The current office is located at 1580 Armory Drive.

“Kevin and I have been working together since 1999, since the flood,” Hart said during an interview at one of their Southampton County job sites. “He has been my primary electrician, and there was an opportunity here for us to put everything under one roof and have access to additional manpower.”

Whitehead’s father, Billy Whitehead, started the Windsor-based electrical business 30 years ago. Kevin Whitehead took the reins 12 years ago and continued the family tradition with his son, Kris, and daughter, Katelynn, helping out.

Kris since has joined the U.S. Air Force and Katelynn went to college at Virginia Tech, leaving Whitehead to consider another alternative for his business.

“We did this to be stronger during this economy,” he said.

In addition to their building work, the two take on service calls and work with other builders and contractors.

“Business has changed,” Hart said. “We’re still very busy. A lot of people are electing to fix up what they have, as far as remodels or additions.”