A better way?

Published 8:51 am Friday, February 19, 2010

In girls’ basketball action on Tuesday, Franklin High School traveled to nearby Windsor High School for a game.

To say that FHS won would be an understatement. They annihilated their opponent by the final score of 109-37.

Clearly the Lady Broncos and Dukes are at different skill levels. Not much can be done about that. But something could have been done about the final margin.

FHS had a 40-point lead at halftime. That lead grew to 58 points by the end of the third quarter. Couldn’t the Lady Broncos have held the ball longer and taken their shots when time was about to expire?

Some people use the “Don’t like it? Stop it” line of reasoning when their team is pounding another one into submission. It happens in professional sports, too. (Think the NFC Divisional Playoffs, when the Minnesota Vikings ran up the score against the Dallas Cowboys, 34-3).

We don’t feel that Coach Mona Sumblin, a classy coach whose teams regularly exhibit top sportsmanship, intentionally ran up the score on Windsor and give kudos to her for being apologetic about it after the game. But we wonder if more could have been done to prevent that from happening. The FHS players would have come away with something much more valuable than just an easy win.