Even if …

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Even if I owned the cattle on a thousand hills,

My eyes not containing the boundaries,

Field upon field of bumper bounty,

Flock upon flock in full content,

Even if I could halt the ticking clock

And his desire never cease,

Her sculptured form never fade,

We all concreted in our prime,

Basking forever in glorious youth,

Even if the sun and moon did my bidding,

Light of day based on whim,

Thermostat in hand,

The wind my slave,

Even if I had the strength of Samson,

The patience of Job,

The passion of Paul,

The heart of David,

Even If I could turn the thundering elephants

With sleight of hand,

Map the flight of the geese,

Chart the path of the fish,

Even if history belonged to me,

The arts my creation,

The sciences my domain,

Philosophy my child,

Even if my armies never tasted defeat,

The battles forever won,

Foes vanquished,

Victory my brother,

Even if I could speak with silver tongue,

Sway the masses,

Impassion the heart,

Arouse the world,

If I had never felt your heart beat against mine,

I would never have lived.