Clean Rivers Day is nearly upon us

Published 8:23 am Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To the Editor:

Clean Rivers Day is on Saturday, April 24, this year. CRD is a combined effort to clean up our watershed. This is accomplished by teams going out on our rivers, streams and ditches and picking up trash and other junk.

It is a great opportunity for groups to contribute to the health of the watershed you live in or have recreational interest in.

As always, I will have litter getters and bags for those who need them. Teams or individuals can pick their own locations, or I can find you one. Look around at bridge crossings, etc., in your area and scope out a place for you or your team to go after. That way, we are more spread out and you will be making a difference close to home. Teams can pick what time of day they want to work and how long. They must keep count of bag and participant totals and totals of tires, etc. Call me at 562-5173 to get signed up.

Jeff Turner

Blackwater Nottoway Riverkeeper