Reduction in funding will be catastrophic

Published 7:47 am Friday, February 5, 2010

To the Editor:

The bad guys are getting good news from Richmond. The currently proposed state budget includes $270 million in funding cuts for sheriffs’ departments and commonwealth’s attorneys, plus a further cut of $73 million for local police departments. That can translate into an almost $90,000 cut for the Franklin Police Department and a similar impact on the Southampton Sheriff’s Office. Franklin has also to come up with $90,000 for our share of the regional jail costs.

Obviously these reductions, if imposed, must result in effects on personnel. The result you will notice if you have to call 911. Take a number.

But already there is wailing and gnashing of teeth over local tax increases. The Franklin City Council and administration have done a remarkable job in maintaining services with reduced resources, but, having cut to the bone and then scrape the bone, we have a demonstration of what the “no more tax” heroes in the Legislature have created by passing on costs to local jurisdictions so local folks can take the heat for tax increases.

Please let our legislators and our new governor know that our law enforcement officers have all they can handle without this catastrophic reduction.

Remember, crime costs all of us money.

Joe Stutts