Sandra Hubbard Edwards

Published 7:35 am Saturday, January 30, 2010

Name: Sandra Hubbard Edwards

Age: 54

Occupation and title: Owner of Hubbard Peanut Co. and vice president of its Board of Directors; I give credit to my mother, Dot Hubbard, for starting our company, both parents, Dot and H.J., for building it and all the current owners and loyal employees for continuing it.

Spouses name: Jon Edwards

Children’s names and ages: Jonathan, 26; Douglas, 21; and Kaitlin, 22

Church affiliation: High Street United Methodist

If I could change my name: I wouldn’t change it.

Pet I’d like to own: A thoroughbred jumper horse

favorite movie of all time: “Titanic”


The secret to happiness is: Be content with what you have and love the people around you.

If I had to eat only three foods for the rest of my life, they’d be: Chicken, mushrooms, peppers

Three words that best describe me: Loyal, fair and truthful

Book currently on my nightstand: “The Ramanovs” — a detail about each Romanov Czar of Russia up to the slaying of Nicholas, Alexandria and their children

My proudest achievements: Having been published on many medical research papers due to my work at the University of Virginia in orthopedic research and also for automating our family business.

My most humbling moment: I’ve had many

My most recent trip: Las Vegas

My life won’t be complete until: All of my children have jobs and their own families

Favorite color: Green

I really lose my cool when: People manipulate to serve their own gain, not thinking of anyone else

Favorite college sports team: University of North Carolina

What gives you the blues? Watching the in-fighting going on in Washington D.C.

What’s your best childhood memory? Working in the family business during the Christmas season every year