Praise for police

Published 7:58 am Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes being neighborly means more than waving to the people next door as you get in your car or bringing a casserole to the new couple down the street who just moved in.

Sometimes being neighborly involves calling the cops.

One Franklin woman did just that Tuesday when she saw a couple breaking into her neighbor’s home on North High Street.

Thanks to her quick thinking and to the quick response of the Franklin Police Department, two alleged burglars were caught in the act.

They tried to flee, but the officers chased them down and cuffed them. Now the man and woman are facing several charges in Franklin, as well as some in Charlottesville, from where they hail.

The Franklin Police Department, too, should be commended for acting quickly after getting the neighbor’s call.

Thanks to both, one Franklin woman has $800 worth of jewelry back, and countless others may have been saved from an intrusive crime.

The police have taken some flack recently.

They deserve praise today for restoring peace in at least one section of our town.