A hospital CEO’s open letter to the community

Published 8:51 am Friday, January 8, 2010

As I reflect on the past year, I realize that as the CEO of Southampton Memorial Hospital, I have many things for which to be grateful.

For the loyal physicians on our medical staff who strive daily providing quality care to our community. They are our foundation.

For the many different medical specialties that are represented on our medical staff and within our community. In a community of our size, we are blessed to have a cardiologist, oncologist, pulmonologist, and many more, right here at home, saving us the necessity of driving long distances.

For our employees and staff, clinical and non-clinical. They are a dedicated group of professionals who truly care about our community and work tirelessly each and every day to provide you with always satisfying experiences each and every time you visit us.

For the medical facilities and technology that we have which allows our physicians and staff to effectively serve the people in our community. We continue to update and add new equipment such as our new multi-slice CT-scanner and our new computerized imaging retrieval system (PACS).

For the special services that we provide to our community. Programs such as Healthy Woman and Senior Circle help to provide health educational tools, as well as social activities, so that the community can make good, informed health care decisions. Our health screenings and participation in local fairs and expos also serve as not only educational tools but enable our citizens to receive valuable information about their own health.

For the opportunity to give back to our community through such things as our school supply drives, our hand sanitizer drive and our flu clinics.

For our customers who assist us in our efforts to continuously improve our performance by sharing their experiences with our organization, both when they are good, and when they are not so good. If we don’t know, we can’t improve.

And finally:

For the citizens of Franklin, Southampton County and our surrounding area for the support you give to Southampton Memorial as you continue to use our services. Regardless of the challenges we collectively face, it is our pleasure to serve you and offer to you an always satisfying, quality health care experience.