Pastor urges love and blessings

Published 8:34 am Saturday, December 12, 2009

Every year I am thrilled and amazed at the stories of the love and affection shown toward our less fortunate brothers and sisters during the holiday (Christmas) season. 

It is wonderful and great examples of how we should treat each other. Jesus is our model for this behavior and He even tells us to love our brother and sister. Matthew 22:39. 

As the pastor of Oasis in the Desert Ministries here in our hometown, I exhort each and every person to extend our love and blessings from the Christmas season to the remainder of the year. 

The families we seek out to serve are still in need in January, June, etc. 

In light of the closing of International Paper there will be an even greater need in the very near future. Let us all take stock of what we have that we can share with our brothers and sisters (neighbors).  And by the Grace of God we can extend the season to a 12-month period.

Jesus would approve!

The Rev. Robert L Baum

Pastor, Oasis in the Desert Ministries