Windsor chief is FBI grad

Published 10:34 am Saturday, December 5, 2009

WINDSOR—The Windsor Police Department has added a new dimension to its force.

Chief Robert Porti recently graduated from the National Academy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, thus bringing to the Windsor department a broader knowledge and understanding of many aspects of law enforcement.

Porti said the courses he took were to help him in managing and supervising the force and to prepare him for changes that may occur in the future.

He added that the subjects, which included leadership, ethics, principals, decision making, forensic science, communication and law enforcement, in addition to health/fitness classes, will be invaluable as time goes on.

“And the knowledge I acquired will not only help me run the department, but will help give a more positive image of the department in the community

“This is something I have been thinking about for a year or two, the 39-year-old chief went on. “I was very fortunate to have been chosen.”

Hired as the Windsor chief in October 2005, Porti completed the 10-week-long course of study in September, graduating on Sept. 18.

The chief said it has only been about two years since he actually decided that he would like to attend the academy, however, and still is surprised that it happened so quickly.

“I happened to run into a friend who was with the FBI and told him that I would like to take the classes. Within a year, he had nominated me.

“All candidates have to be nominated,” he added.

“Well about a year after that, I was told to apply, and was very surprised that I was accepted. Actually, less than one percent of those who apply are accepted.”

Porti attended classes in Quantico during the week and returned to Windsor on weekends.

He said he consulted with his sergeant about police matters on Saturdays and returned to Quantico on Sunday nights.

“Everything ran quite smoothly,” he said. “My force here, which consists of three officers in addition to the sergeant, was able to handle things very well in my absence.”

Porti said during his training, he was still the chief and on the payroll in Windsor, but that was all the town was required to pay. “The FBI took care of all my other expenses.”

Married with two children, Porti says he plans to stay with the Windsor Police Department.

“I like it here. The people are great and it’s a wonderful place to raise children.”

He came to Windsor from the Pittsburgh Police Department. Prior to his work in Pittsburgh, the U. S. Air Force veteran with eight years active service, worked for the Town of Smithfield.