Franklin schools prepare comprehensive plan

Published 9:09 am Wednesday, November 25, 2009

FRANKLIN—Citizens will have a chance to give input on the Franklin City Schools Comprehensive Plan at the School Board meeting next month.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Walter Clemmons presented a draft of the plan to the School Board last week.

“What we end up doing is you highlight your goals and objectives that you plan to implement over the next five-year period, also taking a look at the things you have already completed,” he said.

Seven advisory boards, made up of school employees and other community stakeholders in different areas of expertise, reviewed the plan and made recommendations.

“What you see in the plan is feedback from all of the advisory boards in specific areas that they deal with,” he told board members.

An enrollment forecast is an important part of the planning process for the comprehensive plan. School enrollment has been steadily declining in recent years — until this fall.

“We did not decrease, so we’re pleased about that this year because over the past five years we’ve seen a decrease in enrollment; we didn’t see a big increase … but we didn’t lose 50 kids either,” Clemmons said.

The plan also calls for the school division to “explore removal or replacement” of the modular classrooms at S.P. Morton Elementary.

School leaders are confident in the plan.

“We think that it’s been well thought-out and we believe that it’s going to be solid as we move forward over the next five years,” Clemmons said.

The School Board is expected to hold a public hearing for the comprehensive plan and vote on its adoption at the Dec. 17 School Board meeting at S.P. Morton Elementary.