Staying positive

Published 8:29 am Saturday, November 21, 2009

As members of the Franklin-Southampton area business community, we were delighted to see the high turnout and feel the positive vibes coming Thursday night from the Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business Expo.

When it comes to enthusiasm, this community has it in spades, and that was evident walking around the Paul D. Camp Community College Workforce Development Center.

Business owners and employees were all genuine smiles as residents came to see what the area has to offer.

Music was playing. Santa stopped for a visit. Many were able to forget their cares for a bit and concentrate on shopping or visiting or eating.

Locally-owned and operated businesses will have a tough row to hoe in the coming months and years, but they seem to be ready for the challenge. A positive attitude and good plan for moving forward will help them immensely through this tough time.

It can’t be said enough: Now, more than ever, it’s time to keep our support for these businesses strong.

Attitude and hope can carry them only so far — they need our patronage, too.