Stop vandalizing trash barrels

Published 8:15 am Friday, November 20, 2009

To the Editor:

It is a shame that a few scoundrels who lack respect for people or property ruin things for good people.

I keep a trash barrel at Cypress Bridge landing for people to put trash in. A few weeks ago, someone took it upon themselves to jump on it and flatten it out.

Then I put a new one there and someone took it upon themselves to make a fire in it.

This makes the drum rust out and not last as long. Also, the burnt trash is hard to get out.

A few years ago the Riverkeeper mentioned in an article how much trash there was at this area. The Hercules Inc. environmental team went down there and removed a truck load of trash, tires and rims, and other items.

Since then I have been going down there weekly and keeping the trash picked up.

Most of the trash is always in the trash barrel. This makes it nice for people coming out of the river. It gives them somewhere to throw the trash from their boats.

Once a year our team launches a boat at this site and cleans the river up and down stream during Clean Rivers Day.

We also launch boats from the Hercules landing and do the same thing.

I would greatly appreciate it if you are the one vandalizing my barrel to please stop — not just for me but for the people who use it as it should be.

Robbie Hasty