He takes issue with comments about OLF

Published 8:18 am Friday, November 20, 2009

To the Editor:

I am sure many of your readers have read Jerry Flowers’ recent comments in favor of the outlying landing field coming to Southampton County and how it will help our economy.

Unfortunately, I am afraid that any government contracts for construction projects associated with an OLF will be awarded to one or more minority-owned businesses. So the contract to build the OLF will most likely go to some woman or other minority from Arkansas or Mississippi or Texas who owns a construction company.

Many of the workers would most likely be illegal day laborers. I don’t know how many of your readers read the The Virginian Pilot, but I would like to quote a portion of a letter to their editor by Mike Dumas from Virginia Beach. In part, he writes … “During prime time and occasionally very late at night, you can’t hear the phone, TV, or carry on a conversation. The jet base greatly diminishes the quality of life in Virginia Beach.”

Can you hear him, Jerry Flowers? The man says it very matter-of-factly. The jet base diminishes the quality of life. Perhaps Jerry was afraid the OLF and maybe even a master jet base might come to Southampton County, and that is why he moved away.

Ash Cutchin