Letter writer stands by belief in possible benefit of OLF

Published 7:58 am Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I recently sent a letter to this paper in an attempt to open up discussions on how we can create new jobs and save our community (“Argument made for bringing outlying landing field here,” Sunday, Oct. 25).

In my opinion an outlying landing field is a way to create jobs and revenue and to do it quickly.

In fact, the Mason location is the site that some military advisers believe would be the most cost effective and affect the smallest number of people, as do I.

Yet there is no discussion on location — all you get when mentioning an OLF is a resounding “no.”

Unfortunately, the location or the results is not what matters. It is just that OLF has become a very personal issue for many. I understand.

I do not understand, however, how people I have known all of my life could make this so personal against me, my family and my business.

I am merely offering up a possible solution and a plan to leverage the foresight.

I, unlike most of my detractors, invested in this community.

My brother and I built a business because we believed in this community and its people. We created jobs, paid taxes and hopefully improved the way of life for those who visited our store.

So for those who choose to boycott my business: Maybe if you are successful, Southampton County can lose some more jobs and businesses.

I stand by my belief that an OLF on the Mason site should be studied closely and that our political leaders at least should broach the subject with the Navy. I have yet to hear any politician or business leader propose anything that would create just one of the 1,100 jobs we are losing.

Jerry Flowers

Virginia Beach