Life goes on

Published 9:02 am Saturday, November 7, 2009

Though some naysayers may declare the death of Franklin when International Paper Co. makes its exit, we take solace in knowing that life continues to move forward here and now. Citizens are still laughing and talking. Communities are still gathering for anniversary celebrations and chili cook-offs. The Riverkeeper still has adventures on the Blackwater and the Nottoway.

Businesses, too, are keeping their game faces on. The Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce is busily planning its annual Business Expo, and there will be no talk of doom and gloom there. The same friendly, warm atmosphere is possible and likely. The same push to shop at home is even more relevant today than last year, too.

Yes, our community is about to trudge toward an uncertain future. Yes, many jobs will be lost. There’s no denying the gravity of the situation.

But a little hope and a lot of planning will go a long way.

We will continue to have faith in our community leaders — both elected and not.

The challenge is upon us, and we will rise to meet it.