Letter writer blames Democrats for business woes

Published 8:59 am Saturday, November 7, 2009

To the Editor:

Since the 1970s this country has lost manufacturing jobs and factory jobs to overseas markets. Is anyone really surprised at what is going on around here? I’m not an economist, I drive a propane truck, and I get it!

In my opinion the government should not tax companies. They will just pass the tax on to the consumer until it becomes unprofitable and then move overseas where they are given huge tax breaks.

Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency and government regulations are such a burden — sometimes unreasonable — and that cuts into the bottom line.

I’m all for clean air and water, but at what cost to companies trying to stay in business? Unions have become very greedy and break the backs of companies struggling to stay competitive. I blame a lot of this on mostly Democrats over the last 40 years.

Does anyone think Bill Clinton, or especially Al Gore, would shed the first tear over the saw mill and paper mill closing? I’m sure John Kerry would love to see the sludge ponds I’ve seen.

President Barack Obama openly hates coal-fired power plants and will be dancing in the street when the mill burns its last shovel of coal. It might be too late, but we need factory and manufacturing friendly politicians, changes in tax codes and trade policies. Unfortunately, the Democrats offer more of the same and even higher taxes for us who are already struggling.

If I get it, how come nobody else does?

James Greger