Time to consider controversial options for adding jobs to area

Published 8:15 am Friday, November 6, 2009

To the Editor:

As we all work to try to get a perspective and handle on the mill’s soon-to- come closing and its negative economic impact, I encourage our citizens and politicians to rethink and support the two announced economic projects that will provide both direct and indirect employment opportunities for our citizens and economic benefits to our area.

1. The Navy’s outlying landing field.

It is certainly controversial, but Jerry Flowers’ recent letter (“Argument made for bringing outlying landing field here,” Sunday, Oct. 25) is an excellent approach to this situation and I fully support it.

In view of coming unemployment and the economic needs of our area, it must be considered.

2. The coal-fired power plant at Dendron again, not without controversy, but built with the best current safeguards, it will be an opportunity for jobs for some of our citizens and will soften the economic blows our area will feel.

We are blessed with an outstanding training center at Paul D. Camp Community College.

For those prospects we can obtain some of the brightest and best workers in Virginia and the nation.

Please don’t let these two tremendous opportunities get away from our area without a fair, careful study of those industries.

Harold U. Blythe