He supports Clark for delegate

Published 7:48 am Friday, October 30, 2009

Bill Barlow has lived in the 64th District for a long time and is a nice guy — agreed.

However, his voting record in no way reflects my values regarding the principles of life, parental authority and limited taxation. If Mr. Barlow truly wants to deliver results for our families why did he vote that minor children seeking an abortion do not have to receive parental consent? Why does he oppose tax breaks for organizations and individuals who donate to scholarship organizations?

It seems to me we would want to encourage scholarship donations to help deserving children reach their dreams of a college education, not discourage them. But Mr. Barlow is OK with using taxpayer dollars from the state budget to fund Planned Parenthood.

Bill Barlow voted to raise the tax rates at the register affecting every working Virginia family’s pocket. Even the Family Foundation Action only awards Bill Barlow a poor rating of 53 out of a possible 100 for his votes on family friendly issues.

It is time to elect a delegate to represent the 64th District who will be strong on family values and limited government not just in words, but by his votes. Help elect Stan Clark to be a strong advocate for Virginia families.

John Brannis