Published 8:15 am Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It is most visible when life is most bleak.

It does not claim to know all things.

It is a great desire of the human heart.

It is not a substitute for fortitude, perseverance or hard work, but rather the fuel.

It knows that all chapters in life- those of loss, those of disappointment, of joy and of pain- close with the words, “to be continued….”

When despair abounds, children search for it in their father’s eyes.

It knows not the phrase “I give up.”

It is based on the things that cannot be seen.

It grows best in the soil of adversity.

It is not a whim, feeling or mood but rather is grounded in actual truth.

It is sometimes all we have. But it is enough.

It is stronger some days than others.

It has peace as its son and joy as its daughter.

It plows through depression, pushes through despondency, casts off the cloak of despair and holds tenaciously to the fact that life, ultimately, is not in human hands.

It rests in the surety that tomorrow, though we know not how it will look, the sun will rise again.