Thinking man

Published 8:09 am Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reportedly rambling toward extinction, this obscure activity threatens to follow the path of the wooly mammoth. Practiced most proficiently the first few years of life, it succumbs to a wide array of substitutes as technology can offer. It is remarkable in what it doesn’t demand.

No computer required. The need to learn the meaning of “Esc,” “Enter,” or “F1” is not necessary. The battery does not run down not does the screen go blank. There is not the same body of knowledge accessible to all individuals using it in similar ways. This activity demands more than the accumulation and storage of data.

No flat screen TV needed. In fact, no television at all, for evidence suggests such an apparatus impedes rather than benefits. The mere activation of this rectangular screen tends to shut down all human activity save for the eyes, ears and stomach.

No transportation needed. One doesn’t have to be at a particular location 20 miles from home in order to participate.

Doesn’t require a telephone. No need to worry about missing that call or texting that friend or having to choose your own ring-tone.

Extremely low energy requirements. Has no plug-in, gas tank, or solar panels.

No money down, for cash isn’t needed. In contrast to all other seemingly worthy endeavors, it cost absolutely nothing. No costly upgrades, accruing interest, maintenance or new models out next year. Amazingly, it cannot be bought.

What, you may ask, can be so free yet so valuable? So available yet so underused? So easily entered into?

This activity is that ancient pastime known throughout the civilized world as “thinking”. That’s it. Thinking. The pushing aside of all distractions, demanding duties and alluring entertainment for the sole purpose of exercising the cranium. Of pondering an idea. Contemplating a thought. Parking one’s brain in a particular location and staying there for an extended period of time. Trekking into a jungle of thought to find out what might be unearthed. Mentally pushing and prodding and approaching from another direction. Stretching into unfamiliar territory so as to experience the pleasure of discovery. All the while strengthening one’s capacity to delve a bit deeper in the future.

So, my friend, give it a try. See what resides in that space between the ears. There are untold treasures nestled down between your lobes, waiting to be discovered.