U.S. needs decisive leadership

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To the Editor:

Current affairs are extraordinary as we linger in financial crisis, devaluation of our currency, a health care debacle, massive job losses and a weak foreign policy.

Our nation needs to solidify and stand together, act as one and put our house in order. This is just the task for an effective leader — the very leader we lack.

Leadership is not celebrity pow-wows, morning talk shows and appeasing despots worldwide. Leaders must show the courage to make the right decisions in the most difficult times. The iron will to see things through, to put in the necessary blood, sweat and tears to achieve the lofty goals our society is capable of producing. The world has seen such leaders before as in not so distant times — Franklin Delano Roosevelt as one of our own and Winston Churchill as a renowned figure who did not win a Peace prize appeasing Hitler, but still handled monumental tasks for the world in his time.

In a non-partisan manner we call for such a leader. We call for the current executive branch representative to be more decisive, to show the intelligence of his speeches in his actions, to represent what a majority of Americans thought he was last November. If not — if he can not — he should not hold the position which, right or wrong, happens to be the most powerful seat in the world.

Jonathan Varnell