Delegate Barlow is a good person, writer says

Published 8:40 am Wednesday, October 14, 2009

To the Editor:

Sometimes it is the right thing to do to vote for someone simply because he or she is a good person. Good people see the big picture and make rational decisions after considering all aspects of an issue.

Delegate Billy K. Barlow is a good person. We have had a chance to observe him a long time since he grew up here, went away to college and law school, served in the military and then returned to us to practice law here. He has been our delegate for 18 years. He has also given himself to us through service in civic clubs, his church and on the Little League baseball fields where he coached for several years.

We cannot predict all the issues that will come before the General Assembly. Sure we know taxes, the budget, transportation and education will always be there but there will also be numerous other issues not apparent now. We have to trust our representatives to make the right decisions.

Billy K. Barlow is a conservative who will continue to look after the citizens in our district. Let’s send him back to Richmond because he is a good person.

Bill Laine