Southampton Academy breaks open close one

Published 10:33 am Saturday, October 10, 2009

WAKEFIELD—With the score tied at 14-14, Southampton Academy reeled off 29 straight points to down Tidewater Academy 43-14 Friday night.

It was Tidewater Academy’s 36th straight loss.

With the score tied 14-14, Southampton Academy broke through with the go-ahead score when David Bogese ran 1 yard for a touchdown and Michael Milteer ran in the 2-point conversion to give the Raiders (6-1) 22-14 lead with 4:57 left in the first half.

The Raiders then scored 21 straight points in the third quarter to break the game open.

For the Raiders, David Bogese rushed 18 times for 158 yards and three touchdowns and Jacob Rose rushed 14 times for 99 yards and two touchdowns.

For the Warriors (0-6), quarterback Ferley Yerby was 20-for-39 for 268 yards and two touchdowns.

Despite the closeness of the game early on, Southampton Academy head coach Dale Marks said Tidewater could not stop the Raiders from running the ball.

“We ran the ball well and they never could stop us from running and there’s no need to do anything different,” he said.

Marks said Tidewater did a good job on offense at the beginning of the game.

“As far as they were concerned, they did a good job in the first quarter of exploiting something. We made an adjustment in the second quarter and after they scored their two touchdowns, that was it. We made an adjustment where we were covering a section of the field that we were leaving open in the beginning,” Marks said. “We were bending but not breaking. We didn’t want to give up anything deep so we kept it in front of us. We blitzed a little more and put a little more pressure on them. That along with covering the middle of the field made a difference in the game.”

Tidewater Academy head coach David Rodgers said his team continues to improve.

“We’re getting better. I’m just getting their mind set that they are not the same team from last year,” Rodgers said. “We can play with that team and we kind of gave up. I feel they did not give up all the way, but they didn’t do what they can do.”

Southampton Academy plays at home against Carlisle School on Friday at 7 p.m. Tidewater Academy plays at Quantico Friday at 7 p.m.