Neighbors also behind Barlow

Published 9:54 am Saturday, October 10, 2009

To the Editor:

My husband and I are neighbors of Delegate Bill Barlow and his wife, Taylor, and have been for nearly seven years. When we first came to Smithfield, Taylor and Bill brought us homemade cookies and welcomed us to the neighborhood and the town before anyone else.

I have been especially struck by the integrity and sincerity of both of these individuals as caring neighbors who provided guidance and assistance when needed.

Bill has made himself available on every occasion I have called upon him. I have never heard a single negative comment made about his character or service to our community.

It concerns me about the potential loss to our community if he no longer represents our district in the House of Delegates. Bill represents character, integrity, honesty and concern that is rarely found as such a complete and consistent quality among politicians. Across both party lines I know of many who support Bill because of his personal qualities and commitment to represent our district, not because of his party affiliation. I cannot think of a finer person to represent me in the General Assembly than Delegate Bill Barlow.

Becky China