Local chain eatery ‘sparkles’

Published 8:27 am Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FRANKLIN—Workers at the Wendy’s on Armory Drive have reason to beam with pride this week.

“This restaurant won the ‘My Favorite Wendy’s’ contest, part of Wendy’s annual Sparkle program,” said Kitty Munger, company spokeswoman.

Winners — 33 across the world — are selected based on consumer feedback.

The Sparkle certification, which the store also won, recognizes a store’s food quality, order accuracy and speed of service.

“People call the number on their receipt and rate us,” Manager Kathy Sunday said Monday. “We’ve been in the green, meaning doing well, for 20 months now.

“We’re the only store in this area that got it for 12 months,” Sunday said, adding that there are 52 stores in the region. “I’m pushing for 24 months.”

For the contest, customers complete phone surveys and give the company feedback about their experience.

“Based on this feedback, restaurants from across the country are rated, and the Armory Drive Wendy’s consistently exceeded customer expectations in all facets of quality, service and cleanliness,” Munger said.

Sunday said customers and crew both play a pivotal role.

“I’m excited for my crew,” she said. “They have been outstanding.”

The store wouldn’t have gotten the award if it weren’t for loyal customers who called and answered the surveys, she added.

“I love the guests,” she said. “I love the town of Franklin. People are always friendly here.”

The Wendy’s franchise employs 33 part-time workers, including four managers.

Sunday has been working for the Wendy’s for 15 years.

“We’re all a family,” she said. “We try to treat everyone with respect.”

For her role, Wendy’s is sending Sunday to Las Vegas at the end of the month to represent Western Tidewater at the Sparkle convention.