Letter writer takes issue with poor condition of local parking lot

Published 8:05 am Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To the Editor:

I have come to the conclusion that either everyone is afraid to complain or they are completely oblivious to the condition of the entire asphalt surface in the Franklin Plaza Shopping Center.

This is the most abominable, unsightly and unsafe surface that I have encountered in this city in the more than 50 years that I have lived here. At present there are orange cones marking holes in the pavement to keep cars from running into holes that would destroy the alignment of their front wheels. Even more importantly, pedestrians run the risk of breaking a leg or worse should they happen to step into one.

It must be a foregone conclusion that the businesses located in that center are suffering a terrible loss every day, since many people are fearful of driving or walking over the surfaces. It is a common topic among many citizens with whom I come in contact.

In addition, this is terrible blight on the city and surely something must be done to correct the situation.

I realize this is privately owned property and the city cannot demand that resurfacing be done, however, this situation is a total disgrace to our fair city.

Robert T. Edwards


Editor’s note: We gave the owner of Franklin Plaza a chance to comment, but he declined.