Police investigating violent home invasion

Published 8:54 am Friday, October 2, 2009

FRANKLIN—The man who robbed and beat a 41-year-old Franklin woman during a home invasion Wednesday morning was still at-large Thursday.

Officers responded to a home on South College Drive just after 10 a.m. Wednesday after receiving a call of a woman being assaulted.

Police say that the woman had opened her back door to let some air in and laid back down. Moments later, the suspect entered through that door approached her in her bedroom and asked where her purse was. The victim told police that statements were made that threatened her life, so she initially complied with the robber.

However, the victim tried to fight back when he took her purse.

“He grabbed the purse, she grabbed the purse, they began to fight and to scuffle at which time it appears she was thrown around the bedroom and then out into the living room where she landed,” said Franklin police Detective Joshua Butts.

The victim was transported to Southampton Memorial Hospital for treatment and been released.

“She has no serious injuries,” said Franklin police spokesman Lt. Tim Whitt.

The robber took the contents of the victim’s purse, but investigators were unsure if anything else was taken. Police roped off the home and searched for evidence. An Isle of Wight County K-9 unit was called in to help in the search.

“We swabbed for DNA and we’ll be sending everything to the lab,” Butts said Wednesday. “The K-9 gave us a positive track, and we’ll be investigating that.”

The suspect is described as about 6-feet tall with a medium build and a medium complexion. He has long dreadlocks and was last seen wearing a yellow shirt, white Nike shoes and blue jeans.

“I am worried about my safety,” said Earline Williams, who lives nearby. “All this shooting going on and all this gang stuff, it needs to stop.”

Neighborhood residents say that the police should do more to patrol the area and other residents should report crimes when they see them.

“It’s ridiculous, and don’t nobody know nothing,” Williams said. She said that somebody should have seen or heard something.

As police continue to search for the suspect, Whitt said that tips from the public will likely be very important.

“Any information that they can give us will definitely be appreciated,” he said.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Franklin Police at 562-8575 or Franklin Crime Solvers at 562-8599. Information that leads to an arrest can earn the caller a cash reward.