He thinks it’s time for Barlow to go

Published 8:12 am Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To the Editor:

Tea Parties are happening all over the country because national politicians are failing their electorate.

We have the same problem in Richmond — especially with Delegate Bill Barlow, a Democrat. Instead of representing our district, he’s always shown greater loyalty to his party.

For example, he voted in support of every tax and budget increase submitted by the last two governors without exception. Barlow sided with Gov. Tim Kaine’s initiative for transportation authorities — hand-picked boards authorized to decide massive construction projects and how the public should be taxed to fund them.

He also sided with Gov. Mark Warner’s budget to overturn car tax relief — a tax that doesn’t exist within the 14 states I’ve been stationed in.

The voters demanded car tax relief. Warner promised to follow through to make it happen, and Barlow supported the reinstatement of it in Warner’s first budget submission.

Barlow also sided with the ill-advised increase in the minimum wage — an action that shafted every business up and down Main Street and summer employment opportunities for high school and college students.

Barlow also voted against parental notification for young girls (minors) seeking an abortion — a medical procedure parents have a right to know about.

In all of his years as a delegate, Barlow has no coalitions, no bills he personally sponsored or achievements that reflect the needs of our community. It’s time for Barlow to go. The sooner the better.

Timothy Marinelli