Bottled bliss

Published 7:57 am Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Such faithful companions

These fellows.

Imprisoned by plastic

Their escape is my pleasure.

The red I take

Lest the Doc become irate.

He says it keeps the ticker

From misbehaving.

Life would be miserable

Without the white.

It lubricates relationships.

But only for six hours.

Don’t let the small one deceive you —

Thirty six vitamins!

I feel better already.

The green one I take

So I can eat more steak.

Between you and I

Depression comes my way.

(Those winter nights stretch on


I slip a yellow under the tongue.

It seems to help.

The orange is my favorite-

It sits there by the sink.

But it gives me headaches,

For which I take the pink.

My kids are on the wagon,

No telling their IQ!

I sense their test scores rising

As they swallow down the blue.

Those two by themselves —

Their mere presence makes me soar!

Guarantee me five more years

So I can take some more.

The speckled one — hmmm,

Let me think — let’s see —

Think I’m s’pose to take it

To improve my memory.

What an age we live in,

Let us talk of such salvation!

But first I need this purple one

(It helps in conversation).