Working cop supports Cuccinelli for AG

Published 7:56 am Friday, September 18, 2009

To the Editor:

When Virginians pick their next attorney general, they need to know more than just who will fight crime and who will help get the economy going again. They also need to know who can be counted on to challenge the federal government’s attempts to enact labor laws, like collective bargaining, as repayment to big labor. Sen. Ken Cuccinelli has done it in the Senate and will as AG, and that is why he is the best choice for Virginia’s next attorney general.

Steve Shannon has made much of his support from two law enforcement unions in Fairfax County. These police unions are backing Shannon because he supports intrusive federal legislation like the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act.”

This kind of federal legislation will weaken Virginia’s right-to-work laws — laws which have helped make Virginia the most business-friendly state in the United States.

I interviewed Shannon personally on this issue and he affirmed his support for collective bargaining. Virginians can see how important Shannon is to the unions simply by looking at his campaign finances. Tens of thousands of dollars have come to him from unions like the New York/New Jersey SEIU and the AFL/CIO.

Cuccinelli strongly supports law enforcement. That is why he was endorsed by these same law enforcement unions in 2007. But Cuccinelli supports Virginia’s right-to-work law and he opposes collective bargaining.

While Cuccinelli supports the constitutional rights of all Virginians, he opposes laws that hurt businesses and stick taxpayers with out-of-control budgets like California.

Law enforcement officers need a leader in the attorney general’s office. We need an attorney general who will stand up to big unions, special interests and the federal government. We need an attorney general who will fight for the rights of Virginians.

Most importantly, we need an attorney general who will take decisive action in fighting crime and supporting crime fighters.

Ken Cuccinelli has my vote and the votes of working cops and deputies throughout the Commonwealth. I hope you will give him your vote as well.

Josh David


Editor’s note: The letter writer is a Fairfax County police officer and past president of the Virginia Coalition of Police and Deputy Sheriffs, which represents many law enforcement officers from Western Tidewater.