Celebrate how far we’ve come

Published 8:11 am Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ten years ago this week, with much of downtown Franklin under water, few could have envisioned the city’s revitalized business district of today.

After the floodwaters subsided and people salvaged what they could from their homes and businesses, the community rallied around a common theme: “You Can’t Drown a Great Town.” What followed over the next decade was a steady, determined recovery, tangible signs of which abound today.

Nearly every one of the flooded buildings has been renovated and is occupied, contributing to the local economy. Public servants work in a modern, spacious City Hall. A renovated train depot welcomes guests to the city, and a new Farmers’ Market has sprung up just down Main Street from Barrett’s Landing, where citizens gather regularly for community events.

Today, our newspaper begins a three-part series reflecting on the flood of 10 years ago and celebrating the significant progress that many believed impossible. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.