Words from on high led locals to set up event

Published 8:00 am Friday, September 4, 2009

AHOSKIE, N.C.—The Lord spoke and Rev. Roy Faison listened.

As a result, perhaps the largest, single-day religious gathering in the history of the Roanoke-Chowan area is planned for here Sunday.

Rev. Faison and a team of other local religious leaders are anxiously waiting for “Super Sunday” — an event in the works for two years. At 3 p.m. on Sept. 6, nationally renowned Rev. David Jeremiah of California will be joined by the worship and praise of Minister Alvin Slaughter at the Ahoskie Creek Recreational Complex (located off West Memorial Drive behind Roanoke-Chowan Hospital).

The purpose of the program is to celebrate unity as everyone is invited to attend, regardless of denomination, race or creed.

Gates to the complex will open at 1 p.m. with worship and praise beginning at 2:15 p.m. Seating is available, but lawnchairs are welcomed.

To date, “Super Sunday” organizers have contacted 2,000 churches — stretching from the coast, westward to Raleigh, south to Fayetteville and north to southside Virginia.

“Anything that God has his hand in has to be big,” said Rev. Faison, Associate Pastor of Nebo Baptist Church near Murfreesboro.

For Rev. Faison, Sunday’s big event started with what he describes as a “one-on-one conversation with God.”

“I was working one day back in 2007 when I heard a voice like no other,” the Rev. Faison recalled. “That voice called me by name and I knew it was the Almighty. He drew me into a conversation, telling me he wanted all his churches to come together, no matter their denomination.”

Inquisitive of how to orchestrate such a broad-based event, Rev. Faison recalled asking questions …how do I do this; where do I do this; how will it be financed and who will be the featured speaker?

“The answers to my many questions was simply stated, ‘I will provide’,” the Rev. Faison said. “The Lord instructed me to form a committee to oversee putting this event together and even went as far as to tell me where he wanted this to occur, not within the confines of a church sanctuary, but rather outdoors, in a park where all the world can see.”

The Rev. Faison said the first person he spoke with after his learning of God’s “Super Sunday” plans was Dr. Ola Gathers of New Bethany Missionary Baptist Church of Harrellsville.

“Together we talked about how we could make this happen,” Rev. Faison said. “We formed a committee and pulled together the resources needed.”

The event’s original date was the fifth Sunday in August of last year. However, Dr. Jeremiah was scheduled for surgery that month and could not attend the Ahoskie event.

“God had a hand in that…he changed the date to one that he wanted — Sept. 6, 2009,” the Rev. Faison noted. “Once we had that date confirmed with Dr. Jeremiah and Pastor Slaughter, the rest, as they say, is history.”

Now with Sept. 6 two days away, the Rev. Faison and his committee are joyous in the thought of what a grand day this will be.

“This will be a day in which everyone comes together, no matter their color, no matter their denomination, for a religious experience,” Dr. Gathers said.

“Faith is one thing we can all come together for,” stated Carpenter’s Shop Senior Pastor Wallace Phillips. “We’ve attracted two big names to our small town. The greatest thing that you can do now is just be there.”

“I’m overwhelmed with the joy that Jesus is alive,” the Rev. Faison concluded. “I’m looking forward to a great day, a day that people will believe that God is who he says he is.”

Rev. Jeremiah is pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in Cajon, Calif. and the founder of the very popular program and ministry, Turning Point. Slaughter, who has made previous appearances in Ahoskie at The Carpenter’s Shop Church, is a nationally known recording artist, songwriter and speaker.

In addition to the event’s headliners, many voices will come together in a mass choir representing the varied and diverse churches in the area.

“We’re delighted to have this event in our town,” Ahoskie Mayor Linda Blackburn said. “This promises to be a beautiful community event and we welcome our out-of-town guests to Ahoskie. We hope you enjoy your stay.”

More information is available at ahoskiesupersunday.com or by calling (252) 332-4705.