Another misstep

Published 8:25 am Friday, August 28, 2009

Since it takes some smarts to graduate from law school and pass the bar exam, we’re going to assume that attorney Sheldon “Butch” Worrell Jr. knew that he would touch a nerve by suing his church.

Why then did the longtime Newsoms resident file a $1 million complaint against Newsoms United Methodist?

Mr. Worrell is reportedly OK after taking a spill on the church steps several months ago, though he said he had to be hospitalized for a few months after the accident.

He filed the complaint, he said, to keep his options open. He doesn’t plan to go to court but wants to extend the statute of limitations in case he gets hit with further medical bills and needs the money.

We sympathize with Mr. Worrell. Recovering from a fall, especially at an advanced age, can be a harrowing experience.

Still, suing a small church — in this case a flock of about 100 — seems a little extreme. Churches shouldn’t be above the law, but parishioners shouldn’t target them, either.

Surely Mr. Worrell received plenty of prayers from fellow churchgoers. Maybe they would have even taken up a collection for him, too.

Is any relationship sacred?