Unknown genius

Published 9:08 am Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seems to me someone

Deft at art of scheming

Slipped into my yard last night

While both of us lay dreaming

No clues were left behind

Lest the escapade be told

It was simply there

When I took my morning stroll

Constructed in one night?

Unbelievable, I say!

It would take a team of men

A year and a day!

The scaffolding — it’s gone!

Dismantled before light!

My bedmate surely would have heard

(she hardly sleeps at night)

Where the blueprints?

What? No staples, nails or glue?

Seems to me this bashful builder

Knows a thing or two

A magical labyrinth

Strung betwixt the stems

Takes a mortal’s breath away

And gives it back again

Who tutored such engineer?

What degree bears his name?

This unproclaimed recluse

Puts Michelangelo to shame!

Though I ponder day in court

(trespassing’s a crime you know)

In light of what was left behind

Think I’ll let him go